Thursday, February 18, 2016

It's a Girl!

Oh I love having a girl! Until right before she turned one I really didn't notice a difference between her and her big brothers but wow, she is not male! 

Leora loves dolls and babies. When she breaks into the toyroom she beeline for the stuffed animal box. 
She'll give them loves and mahs (hugs and kisses) and somehow knows how to feed every baby with her toy bottles. This picture shows how she gives hugs- she puts the toy behind her ear. That's also what she does when she gets my phone. It's cute but can get a bit annoying when I'm trying to talk and she insists on having the phone. 

Leos other favorite toy is little clothes. She loves putting them on her head.

 I have no explanation for this one but it's pretty funny. It's not as funny when you need her pants back to put them on after you change her diaper and she's got her death grip on them. But changing her has other joys too- she thinks it's hilarious to Arch and Twist and crawl away as fast as possible as soon as I get her diaper off. She is a masterful Arch and Twister, finely honing her skills daily for over an hour on the bleachers at Tae Kwon Do. 

I got her this little purse and she loves putting little toys in and out. She's into that take-it-out-put-it-back-in stage. 

Miss Leo Mae has a very good fish face. So funny!

Leo is at such an adorable, busy, sweet, busy, frustrating, loving, busy stage. Did I mention busy?  I love watching her learn and grow. She is so yummy and we love her so much!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

We brought in the New Year with style up at my brother's house. We had an epic countdown to 7, complete with a balloon drop, party hats, and a projected fireworks show. and lots of delicious food. We all had a fun night. 

Leo was not so impressed with the party hats. 

No Respect

Jake: Me tell you something Mom. 
Jake: Me love you Mommy!
Mom: I love you too Jakey!
Dad: What about me? You want to tell ME something?
Jake: (crickets chirping) What is it?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Big Girl

First day with a ponytail! Love having a girl. 

I'm sorry, but she is delicious!!! Just look at those dang cheeks. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Love note to santa

Last year the boys claimed a mini stocking for our elf on the shelf (our little elf that goes home to Santa every night to report on our naughty/nice status). I found this sweet note to Santa left by Isaac (5) in the stocking.

"Santa I love you. Beaglehider (the name of our elf) I love you too."

Adorable! I love the magic of little kids. I hope Santa leaves a response in the morning.

A few weeks back Sam wrote a letter to Santa and waited forever without a response. When I was cleaning out my purse right next to him one day we discovered why- the note had somehow fallen into my purse and Santa had never gotten it! Well, we of course immediately put it in the stocking for Beaglehider to take to Santa and Sam finally got his response. I felt so bad Sam had waited so long!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Poor Sam tripped over his untied belt today before tae kwon do and split his head open before I even made it in the door with the rest of the kids. He was beyond brave and ended up with 6 staples, not a pleasant experience I'm afraid, but at least they didn't have to shave his head. This one goes just about the length of the top of his head, right down the middle.

Seriously, we get the award for most head wounds. What is the deal?!! Poor boys.

This kid of mine is just not a baby anymore. He's just so dang big and I sure love him!

Sunday, November 8, 2015


I'm laying here, holding my chunky, sweet baby, the rest of the house asleep, and I'm feeling so blessed. We are all healthy and happy. Matt is such a kind and involved dad and husband. The kids are busy and funny and sparkly. Our lives are so enriched from being able to serve each other as well as those around us. What a good time of life! We have challenges but I am so grateful for my life.

I am amazed by how Gods plan plays out for me. As I submit my will to His and stop pushing my own agenda, not only do things work out in the long run but I find peace in the journey.